Trees and Roofs. The Battle Continues

We are in that “awesome” time of year in the Mid-Atlantic. Trees lose leaves, grasses turn brown, and overcast skies seem to last forever. On the bright side, Spring will be here before we know it, and we’ll be back to beaches, barbeques, and flourishing green foliage. But before returning to those May flowers, consider some housekeeping items with those trees and large bushes overhanging onto your roof.

By now, you’ve probably realized that the deciduous trees have completely dropped their leaves, and you’ve contracted someone to clean them from roof drains. It’s amazing how much simple leaf removal can cost! And even more amazing how much it can cost if you don’t remove them and drains are blocked!! So now that the leaves are gone, and the branches are bare, it may be time to think about trimming those trees to attempt to minimize next year’s leaf fall. Also, lesser known, but not unheard of, occurrences are branches breaking off and puncturing the roofing system. Trees and shrubs don’t need to be completely cut down, but if they can be trimmed back so as not to overhang onto the roof, every little bit helps to fight that ongoing battle!

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