Bill Cole


As the 4th generation leader of Cole Roofing, Bill brings experience building in the field, considerable business acumen, a continuous drive to learn new things, and an unfettered commitment to his team.

Garrett G. Parks

Chief Financial Officer

A former Partner with Stegman & Company & Dixon Hughes Goodman, Garrett brings over 25 years of experience. He will be a part of the strategic planning for the enterprises as well as provide oversight of the finance, accounting, and human resource functions.

Jim Layman

Vice President of Construction

From his start in roofing as a teenager, Jim has installed, supervised, and project managed all aspects of the building envelope construction. Today he leads all construction activities for the company.

Jimmy Canoles IV

Vice President of Service

Another 4th generation relative to our founder, Jimmy heads up our service team focused on providing our clients timely cost effective solutions to proactively manage their roof assets. Jimmy and his team are committed to providing the best customer service possible.

Steve Sohasky III

Loss Control Manager

Steve spends his time focused on limiting risk to our employees, our clients, and the company by leading our safety program, our facility management, and our fleet.

Michael Muffoletto

Systems Analyst

Michael leads the analysis of our current systems to find improvements and better efficiencies.  From IT integration to improved project reporting Michael finds new ways to help our company remain competitive in a challenging business environment.

Sharon Hilditch


Sharon has been managing the Cole Roofing reputation of always paying our bills on time for 30+ years. Her attention to detail and dedication are appreciated by all our customers and vendors.