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Ready and able to rebuild and restore

Over time, a building’s exterior is naturally exposed to a variety of severe weather conditions and elements and may be subject to extreme thermal expansion and contraction that inevitably results in significant wear and tear. Should the time come for you to replace or restore your building’s roof, Cole Roofing is ready and able to assist you with any of your rebuilding needs.

In many situations, Cole Roofing will provide a free roof inspection to evaluate the condition of your roof, assess its lifespan, and provide a budget replacement cost. Rest assured, you will be given an honest appraisal of the need to replace or repair your roof. We value our reputation and the confidence, respect, and repeat business we’ve earned from our long-term customers who trust us with all of their roofing needs.

Historical Restoration

Cole Roofing has helped many customers repair and revitalize their historic buildings while maintaining the original character and aesthetics of the roofing system. We support an experienced team of specialized builders who recognize the importance of respecting the original integrity of a historical roof system’s design and will work to replicate and preserve it using the most practical and efficient methods available.

Commercial Restoration

Most commercial roof systems allow for the restoration of membranes and flashings multiple times throughout the life of the roof. These restoration procedures can extend the life of the roof significantly and can help avoid the full cost of a replacement. With the team of experts Cole Roofing deploys, your roof will be restored to a serviceable state, prolonging the life of the roof while reducing the life cycle cost of this critical asset.


From built up to single ply, standing seam to vegetated—and everything in between—Cole Roofing is experienced in handling all types of commercial roof replacements. We can provide the type of crew you need when you need them. No commercial roof replacement is too small or too large. We can restore and replace all types of commercial roofs including:

  • Built-up
  • Single-ply
  • Standing Seam Metal
  • Vegetated or Green
  • Solar