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For a century Cole Roofing has been delighting Maryland customers while providing jobs and opportunities to Maryland families. Our workforce of skilled craftsman deliver both competent and competitive roofing solutions, using the latest roofing technologies. From replacement roofs to new construction, from Solar PV to Architectural panels, Cole has the knowledge and history to be your first choice in a building partner. If you have a roofing project within the Baltimore-Washington region, you owe it to yourself and your clients to have Cole Roofing provide you a quote.

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Maintenance & Repair

Whether you're in need of a quick fix or a regular maintenance solution, learn more about our maintenance and repair solutions.


Restoration & Replacement

From a historic preservation project to re-roofing a commercial space, Cole Roofing is ready and equipped to rebuild, restore, and replace.


New Construction

Committed to building the right roof for the right structure, learn why we are a trusted partner for new roof construction.


Pfister Energy

Meet Pfister Energy - our companion company, Pfister Energy, provides our clients with solar and other renewable energy options.


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