Don’t Forget Your Mittens!

I’ve heard stories from many people whose mothers, mine included, seemed to be cut from the same cloth. In winter, as we left the house growing up, mom would always say, “Don’t forget your hat” or “Don’t forget your gloves”. They wanted us to be warm and protect our skin. Now in my professional adult years, I’ve realized that they were really talking about R-value and thermodynamics! The more layers and insulation from the elements, the warmer we’d be when outside during cold winter months.

The same principle can be used in roofing. The more insulation and insulation layers, your building will stay warmer longer in the winter and cooler longer in the summer. The temperatures inside and outside of the building will naturally want to equalize, heat rises to the roof, and all sorts of other thermodynamic principles are at work. However, if your roof is properly insulated, the transfer of heat is slowed, and your HVAC systems will work more efficiently as they won’t have to run as much!

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Skylights Shouldn’t Be Causing Waterfalls

Indoor waterfalls and water features in your building can be relaxing. Maybe those places are your go-to area to decompress after a stressful day. But one thing is for sure. If the waterfall is unintended and coming from the skylights, it’s probably time to replace them!

If your skylights and daylighting devices let in more than just light, it’s time to determine the cause. Many popular plastic and acrylic skylights have useful service lives of 20 years. That is due to plasticizers and polymers leaching out of the “dome” or, simply put, the part that lets the light in. The leaching makes the dome brittle which eventually causes cracking and crazing. Many times, that cracking and crazing is so fine that it is unnoticeable without a thorough inspection. A quick fix is a glob of caulk at a major crack and around the frame (which is rarely the cause), but that will only last so long. Unless the intention is to create a waterfall inside of the building, the better and longer-lasting alternative is the replacement of the dome itself!

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5 Things to Check on Your Roof Before Winter Arrives

1. Check and clean the gutter and debris from the roof
2. Check the roof for missing shingles, punctures in the membrane, or defects in flashing
3. Ensure your building or home is insulated properly
4. Check the interior ceiling for water marks or other signs of a leak
5. Check around the perimeter of the building for any objects that can fall, puncture, or grow into the roof system and compromise the integrity.

That’s a great start.  Cole Roofing’s service department can quickly assist!

Tis the (Maintenance) Season!

We are well into the hurricane season, and Hurricane Ian reminded us how much rain could come with a hurricane. Let us not forget…with rain comes water weight.

Hurricane Ian is a strong example of a 100-year storm, and commercial building codes consider those storms. However, the building may be structurally stressed without your knowledge if the roof system doesn’t allow proper drainage. Specifically, when was the last time someone was on your roof to remove debris? This time of year, leaves are falling and will quickly accumulate and easily block your roof drains and gutters. Without those drain components working properly, you may quickly have a pool on your roof, and most commercial buildings aren’t built to accommodate tat pool. Time to think about some simple maintenance that may prevent a future headache!