During our 100 years our commitment to Core Values has been constant.


High Quality


Problem Solving

Team Oriented


Our customers, team mates, partners and the community don’t just measure us on what we do, but how we go about doing it. So our commitment to our Core Values is more important than ever.

Thank you for helping us live these Values and helping make Cole Roofing Company a great place to work.

Mission Critical Statements

  • Grow – We must grow to have runways for good people to grow
  • Learn – Opportunity remains available to those who know more, this requires willingness to read, learn, train, take risk and make mistakes
  • Innovate – Rising costs require innovation. Adaptation, Evolve, Be flexible
  • Laugh – If we take things to serious it will stunt our team spirit, our energy, our creativity, and ultimately our ability to be who we want to be
  • Tenacity – determination and stick-to-itiveness- Foster the drive – HAVE GRIT
  • Safe – No other way to do what we do
  • Over communicate honestly – the good, the bad, and the ugly, have the courage to always be honest
  • Ultimate professional – amateurs let emotions ruin good business decisions
  • Effective Decision Making – Evaluate quickly or painstakingly against all we hold as important including profitability, own the decision
  • Profit – We can do more for our team if the bottom line supports it. We need to make a return that reflects the risk the shareholders take.