Young Bud

For a century Cole Roofing has built a reputation for quality workmanship as well as the delivery of client focused projects on time, safely constructed and on budget. In addition to providing good value and shelter for your facility, a commercial roofing project can provide you with more than just an umbrella for your building. The completed project should work for your organization. In addition to a variety of traditional roofing technologies, Cole offers options that include solar PV, vegetated roof systems, roof-decks, water management systems, solar thermal, and daylighting. These roofing enhancements will be seamlessly integrated into your project.

From our first generation, John H. Cole Sr, to Roland (Bud) Cole, through William Roland Cole and into the hands of William Robert Cole we have institutionalized the practice of providing valued solutions to our customers while providing safe and meaningful career opportunities to our team members. From the installation of gutters and internal heating ducts to roof-integrated solar Cole has always brought their clients the best solutions possible in a cost effective manner.