St. Frances Academy Project Spotlight

Baltimore’s St. Frances Academy completes roof renovation on its Historical Campus

Cole Roofing Company recently completed an historically significant project at the St. Frances Academy at 501 E Chase Street in Baltimore. Why significant?

The St. Frances Academy was founded by Mother Mary Lange in 1828. It’s buildings on Chase Street were constructed in 1870. The aging roof suffered holes and leaks, and therefore inhibited any renovation of the building’s interiors. Adding to the complexity of the job is the need to maintain the historic nature of the building.

The project was a challenge in the set up and logistics. A full OSHA approved scaffold over six stories tall needed to be erected around three sides of the building in order for the crews to safely access the work areas. The scope of work required multiple phases with coordination between Cole and the scaffold company. Sequencing of the shingles, painting and gutter restoration were critical to a smooth schedule with specific products applied in their correct order. Another a part of the job was select structural wood and finish wood replacement.and select copper component repair/replacement. Materials included architectural shingles, monolithic coating and New Copper sheet used throughout

Founded in 1917, Cole Roofing enjoys the challenging and unique commercial opportunities.
Both Cole Roofing and the St. Frances Academy are foundational organizations that positively
impact the lives of Baltimore area residents.

Upon the project completion, St Frances’ leadership was overwhelming happy with the results.

To learn more, check out this video or click the video below.