Westminster Maryland Historic Clock Tower – rescued by Cole Roofing!

The historic clock tower in Westminster, Maryland, stands as a symbol of the town’s rich heritage and is a beloved landmark for locals and tourists alike. Built in 1879 as a firehouse, it’s an iconic part of the town.

In an ambitious move to preserve its legacy, the community rallied behind a comprehensive restoration plan and called upon Cole Roofing Company and other specialty contractors to save the structure.

Suffering from age, water damage and deterioration, and some unfortunate vandalism, the Tower’s condition was a cause for concern among residents and businesses. There was some worry that the structure might even collapse. The roof was damaged, and the tower roof area was leaking.

Cole’s professional team intricately repaired the slate, replaced copper panels, and installed roofing materials, barriers, and sealants to prevent further leakage.

Stop by 66 East Main Street this coming Fall weekend to view our handiwork. Cole Roofing is proud to have been a part of the rescue of this significant architectural structure.

The Lyric gets a roof upgrade with Cole Roofing Company

The Lyric Theatre in Baltimore was built in 1894. The building is on the national register of Historic Places. It is one of the gems of our city.

So, when it was time to modify the roof, it made sense to choose a roofing company with the capacity, competence, and over 100 years of experience. Cole Roofing Company recently completed the roof renovation project. The work performed included restoration and coating of the existing metal roof, thereby extending the life of the roof for over 20 years with a manufacturer’s warranty.

The extreme pitch of the roof challenged our team to ensure that the coating was properly applied and safely implemented. The job required a lot of pre-planning and frequent review.

The Lyric is located on Mt. Royal Street near the University of Baltimore. It is another of the many historical projects Cole has performed that ensure Baltimore’s treasured buildings are handled with care.

New Roofing System for Odessa Shannon Middle School

Recently, Cole Roofing constructed a new roof on the brand-new middle school in Montgomery County near Silver Spring. We’re delighted to have been part of this leading-edge facility’s production, completing the project’s roofing portion on time and on budget for the opening.

Take a tour of the school with this video produced by Montgomery County:

Cole Roofing offers its clients competence and capacity. With over 100 years of experience at Cole Roofing, we make challenging roof projects successful.

Cole Roofing completes a roof renovation at Howard County Medical Pavilion

This summer Cole Roofing completed a full roof renovation at 10710 Charter Drive in Columbia for the
busy medical center. Even as patients continued to come and go and receive essential services, Cole
preformed the project on a very tight timeline. Included was a TPO tapered roof system and a crisp,
clean metal panel system. Both our general contractor and their customer were delighted with the end-
result of the Cole project..