Here are six reasons why someone might consider becoming a roofer

1. Job security: There will always be a need for roofers, as every building needs a roof. Whether its new construction or repairing an existing roof, there will always be work available for skilled roofers.
2. Physical work: If you enjoy working with your hands and being physically active, roofing can be a great job. Roofing requires climbing ladders, carrying heavy materials, and working outside in a variety of weather conditions.
3. Variety of work: Roofers work on a variety of buildings, from residential homes to commercial buildings. This can provide a variety of job experiences and opportunities to learn new skills.
4. Good pay: Roofing can offer a competitive salary and the opportunity for overtime or bonuses. The pay may vary depending on the region, level of experience, and type of work being done.
5. Independent work: While roofers may work as part of a team, much of the work is done independently. This can be appealing to those who enjoy working independently or those who prefer to work outside of a traditional office environment.
6. Pride in workmanship: A well-built roof is an important aspect of any building, and as a roofer, you can take pride in knowing that you have played a key role in protecting a home or building from the elements.