Don’t Forget Your Mittens!

I’ve heard stories from many people whose mothers, mine included, seemed to be cut from the same cloth. In winter, as we left the house growing up, mom would always say, “Don’t forget your hat” or “Don’t forget your gloves”. They wanted us to be warm and protect our skin. Now in my professional adult years, I’ve realized that they were really talking about R-value and thermodynamics! The more layers and insulation from the elements, the warmer we’d be when outside during cold winter months.

The same principle can be used in roofing. The more insulation and insulation layers, your building will stay warmer longer in the winter and cooler longer in the summer. The temperatures inside and outside of the building will naturally want to equalize, heat rises to the roof, and all sorts of other thermodynamic principles are at work. However, if your roof is properly insulated, the transfer of heat is slowed, and your HVAC systems will work more efficiently as they won’t have to run as much!

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