Colonial Baptist Church Roof Renovation

Recently Cole Roofing constructed a roof replacement at the Colonial Baptist Church in Randallstown, Maryland.  The Cole Production team was tasked with correcting roof issues that had caused significant interior damage to the Church.

The overall project included 8,300 sq. ft. of roof membrane material and metal custom shop-formed copings and trim.  Just the kind of nuanced and challenging jobs we like to do. Cole Roofing’s best value is in solving challenges that jobs with existing or older buildings present us.  Some other complications at the Church included:

  • The roof had a round skylight that would have caused interior damage if removed. Cole built a pressure treated wood cover and fully covered it with the 20yr Roof Membrane.
  • The solution to a brick chimney with missing/cracked mortar joints and a cracked mortar cap was to add pressure treated plywood to the chimney, fully wrapped it in the 20yr roof membrane and added a shop formed stainless steel cap with soldered joints.
  • A very unusual accommodation was keeping the project presentable for several funeral services that came up during the roof replacement. We would dismantle our staging area and move the items around the back so the funerals could take place with no knowledge of the construction of the roof replacement project. Cole worked closely with church leaders to consider their unique needs.
  • The end result and job success?  The church and its parishioners were able to fix the interior damage caused by the old roof leaks and can now enjoy their place of worship.

Cole Roofing really thrives when we work with customers who have challenging construction and usage problems. We’re delighted to have been part of the solution, completing the project on time and on budget and with an emphasis on the safety of members, employees and workers.

At Cole Roofing, we make challenging roof projects successful.  For over a century, Cole Roofing has built a reputation for quality workmanship with the delivery of client focused projects on time, safely constructed and on budget. Offering traditional roofing technologies, Cole offers options that include solar PV, metal panels, vegetated roof systems, roof-decks, water management systems, solar thermal and daylighting.