Cole Roofing Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Cole Roofing Company, Inc., Maryland’s leader in safe commercial roof installations, today announced a year long celebration of the family-owned business’ 100th birthday.

Founded as John H. Cole & Sons in 1919 by John H. Cole Sr. at the close of World War I, Cole Roofing has spent a century building a reputation for quality workmanship in and around the State of Maryland. Over the years, Cole Roofing has helped shape the state’s skyline. Cole Roofing has been enlisted as a roofing contractor at many of the state’s landmark properties, including Baltimore City Hall, M&T Bank Stadium, National Aquarium and the U.S. Naval Academy.

In 2019, a fourth generation of Cole Roofing employees continues to carry out the company’s tradition of building and repairing roofs for some of the region’s most demanding commercial projects.

“Since Babe Ruth’s prime through the birth of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the I-95 corridor, Cole Roofing has been there to see it,” said William (Billy) Cole, president of Cole Roofing. “We are thrilled to be celebrating our 100th year in Maryland, and poised to carry the company forward for generations to come as we continue to adapt to new advancements in roofing and construction.”

The Cole family business began in 1919 when John H. Cole Sr. recognized a need in Baltimore for gutter and spout services, as well as the growing opportunity of home heating through internal duct systems. Working out of his basement on Bel Air Road in the Frankford neighborhood, he soon built a reputation for his commitment to superior workmanship and customer service.

By 1944 Cole Sr.’s wife, Mary, found herself running the business after Cole Sr passing away suddenly. With four sons in World War II the call was made to find them and bring them back home. Fortunate for the 1000s of team members who have worked for Cole over the years, Mary carried the business until John H Cole Jr and Roland H “Bud” Cole returned and got to work. The City of Baltimore was growing, and so did opportunity for the Cole family. In 1955, an opportunity to install slate roofs on a new development at Loch Raven Village presented itself. Despite their limited experience in roofing, they took the job and completed it on time and under budget. The roofing business took off from there.

By the 1960s, under the persistent direction of Cole Sr.’s son, Bud, the business began to flourish. Moving the company towards commercial roofing and maintenance, the company’s outlook began to show promise. Bud’s son, William Roland “Bill” Cole., took over the company in 1989. Leading the company to adopt much needed process the business continued to grow. After years of customers referring to the company as “Cole Roofing” the company officially changed its name from John H. Cole & Sons to Cole Roofing Company, Inc. in 1998.

Today, Cole Roofing employs more than 100 team members out of its offices in Arbutus, including a number of father-son tandems. The company takes pride in the large number of opportunities they have provided fellow community members through meaningful employment.

“From our very first gutter job to today’s solar integrated roof systems —and tens of thousands of projects in between— Cole Roofing continues to deliver on my Great Grandfathers original promise,” Billy Cole said. “For 100 years, the company’s commitment to its customers and its employees continues to reinforce its trusted reputation throughout the architectural and construction communities in Maryland.”

Throughout 2019, Cole Roofing will be celebrating its 100th anniversary with its employees and customers across the state of Maryland.