Project Description

Project Description: Tremco BUR w/grave (Rockit & White Marble)
Customer Name: Baltimore County Public Schools
Location: Hillcrest ES, 1500 Frederick Rd., Baltimore, MD
Roof/Metal Square Footage: 61,300 BUR sf
Other Key Partners: Tremco Roofing Products, Firestone Roofing Projects, Langenfelder Mechanical, BFM Architects, Rockville Iron works
Other: As-built job’s, where we could work in conjunction with BFM Architects to provide the best system and products for BCPS

General Project Overview

  • What was worked on? Re-moved and replaced roof, metal flashings, trimmed trees hanging over roof, installed new Tremco flush panels around bump ups on roof, new roof drains and scuppers, installed new white over clear square skylights (exterior and interior), replacement of roof ladders and hatches.
  • What specific materials were needed? Tremco Wall Panels, Tremco Roofing Products, Velux Skylights, Firestone Insulation.
  • T/O & replace roof system, full taper, 4 ply, Rock it & Stone SM edge flashings.

Full Project Description

  • Challenges and how they were overcome? Working during the night, competing with spring showers, limited staging areas, provided extra lights and man power, worked weekends, over time and part of summer to overcome.
  • Final result? Quality job with a happy customer, metal panels around both penthouses provides new look to building, new roof ladders at elevation changes.