Project Description

Customer Name: Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.
Location: 66 East Main Street Westminster Maryland
Roof/Metal Square Footage: 14’ x 14’ bell enclosure and 35’ tall clock tower on top of 4-story building

General Project Overview

General Project Overview:

  • What was worked on?
    • Slate repairs & sealants
    • 16 oz. Copper panels with flat lock and soldered seams
    • 16 oz. copper counter flashing with riglet.
    • 060 Firestone EPDM membrane & insulation
    • Vapor barrier to isolate tower from the main roof area.
    • Modified roof membrane
  • What specific materials were needed?
    • 8” x 16” Vermont slate
    • 16 oz. copper sheets
    • Firestone EPDM
    • V-Force vapor barrier
    • Firestone APP 160 smooth modified

Full Project Description

  • Challenges and how they were overcome?
    • This was an historic building, Firehouse built in the year 1879.
    • Tower structure was deteriorating, damaged brick, fear of tower collapsing into street or neighboring building. The slate roof was damaged, tower roof area was leaking.
  • Final result?
    • ETC Engineering and C.P.R supported the structure till framing, brick, trim, and other parts could be re-constructed. Reliable scaffold was setup the front of the building and around perimeter of the clock tower.