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High performing, less disruptive alternative to a total roof replacement.

When your roof needs to be repaired or replaced, you have options. A roof coating is an effective alternative to full roof replacements as well as layover applications. To protect your commercial building, it is important to ensure the roof is watertight. A roof replacement, or layover, is a new roof. Alternatively, a roof coating can provide a like-new condition while providing equal warranty terms and lengths. When considering all the factors a roof coating can be a more effective solution.

That is where Cole Roofing comes in. Since 1919, we have been a trusted partner who will take the time to evaluate each roof to determine all the possibilities. With the advancements made in roof coating technologies we are recommending them more often especially considering the comparative levels of warranties accompanying the coating solutions. This is allowing our customers to avoid the disruption of a full roof replacement without sacrificing the performance of the roof.

Below are just a few benefits of roof coating:

  • Extends The Life Of Your Existing Roof
  • Less Disruptive installation process
  • Reflective coatings reduce energy consumption and resist UV deterioration.
  • Can be recoated at end of useful life.
  • Creates seamless surfacing.

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