Roofs Like Slope, not Water

Water is heavy and can be destructive. Buildings typically don’t like unnecessary weight. Roofs don’t like ponding water. Water will take the path of least resistance, so that means slope!

Tapered insulation typically consists of polyisocyanurate or expanded polystyrene insulation and can be installed under your new roof membrane to slope and divert water directly to drainage assemblies. Proper slope and drainage prevent unnecessary water weight from sitting on top of your building and provide fewer chances for water to attack your new roof. Whether it’s a fully tapered insulation assembly on a roof deck with no slope, tapered insulation crickets on a roof deck with a structural slope, or a combination of the two, Cole Roofing can install a tapered insulation configuration to meet your needs.

Out of Sight Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Out of Mind

A lot of us have probably experienced the following scenario: black skies bring heavy rains and wind, and of course, the entire building is dry except for one place….the boss’s desk. The roof is not supposed to let water in, and it’s only 5 years old. What’s going on? Well, the problem may be as simple as a hole created by a seagull trying to get roof insulation for its nest (yes, that’s a thing), or the problem may be as substantial as wind damages creating a potential blowoff situation.

One of the things we can do to minimize the impact, an unseen exterior building component can have on the interior, is perform Preventative Maintenance. With regular preventive maintenance inspections, a small issue can be identified and prevented from becoming a large problem. Cole Roofing has trained technicians ready and willing to prevent your roof from being the out of sight, pain in the…. Contact us today to talk roofing (it’s what we know)!