Why Cole?

The Cole Advantage

Cole Roofing is the company of choice for professionals, architects and commercial builders.

For a century Cole Roofing has built a reputation for quality workmanship as well as the delivery of client focused projects on time, safely constructed and on budget. In addition to providing good value and shelter for your facility, a commercial roofing project can provide you with more than just an umbrella for your building. The completed project should work for your organization. In addition to a variety of traditional roofing technologies, Cole offers options that include roof-decks, water management systems, green roofing designs and renewable energy systems, including solar PV, solar thermal, and daylighting. These roofing enhancements will be seamlessly integrated in to your project.


Creating a safe working environment for our employees and our customers is priority number one and our safety program is promoted and measured daily. Cole Roofing takes safety seriously. We strive for a perfect safety record by eliminating or correcting unsafe acts and conditions on the job through intensive training and management. We equip our employees and subcontractors with the tools and knowledge they need to increase safety and reduce risk and on every project we manage.

In an effort to promote an injury-free environment and ensure that our employees operate in the safest manner possible, we have put into practice:


Comprehensive safety training and education


An innovative program that combines positive incentives with daily inspections designed to encourage and maximize safety


Regular safety inspections, meetings and briefings

Pfister Energy

Our companion company

With the intention of bringing additional value and choices to our clients, our companion company, Pfister Energy, was formed in 2006. Pfister is a renewable energy company providing innovative power solutions and energy efficient systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Pfister provides clients turnkey renewable energy and on-site distributed power generation systems, predominantly with Solar PV systems. To learn more about Pfister Energy, follow this link to our website.