Maintenance and Repair

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Flexible plans, smart solutions.
Whether it's our maintenance program designed to keep your new roof in tip top shape or essential repairs for bringing an older roof back to life, our Cole Roofing Service Team, offers flexible plans and smart solutions.

Preventative maintenance and roof inspections:
Prevention matters. Over time, a roof's performance depends not only on the quality of installation, but also on how well it is maintained. Similar to a new car needing regular oil changes and lube jobs, most roofing manufacturer warranties require that all components of a building envelope receive regular periodic maintenance to ensure optimal performance. If the roof is not properly maintained, the warranty may be invalidated.

To spot problems before they happen, Cole Roofing offers customized programs designed specifically for your roof - based on the type, size, and age of your roofing system. A properly administered preventive maintenance program can add years to the lifespan of your roof and ultimately save you a great deal of money. In the event that you do not have a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program in place, we also offer on-call roof inspections to identify any problems and recommend appropriate solutions.

Emergency Leaks:
Cole Roofing's Service Team supports a specialized team of crew members who are ready to quickly respond to unexpected situations and emergency leaks. Our crews are specially trained in a series of specific steps designed to successfully determine the cause of the leak and repair it in a timely, efficient manner.

No commercial roof repair is too small or too large. Our crews arrive to the scene in fully equipped trucks, prepared for all situations and will make every effort to keep the workspace clean and operate in a safe, professional manner. Service charges include travel time, on-site labor, and materials used.

Infrared Scan service:
Cole’s Infrared roof inspection service is a proven method for detecting trapped moisture problems in flat roofs. Infrared roof inspection can prevent production losses and help building owners and property management companies find roof problems when apartments below have become compromised by roof leaks.

Due to the high cost of replacing a damaged roof, roof inspections should be performed whenever a building is purchased, sold or leased.

Cole’s Infrared roof inspection service provides the information necessary for developing an effective roof maintenance program, planning capital budgets and for making informed decisions when considering roof repairs, replacement or resurfacing with one of the popular new roof coatings.

If you need any assistance, please give us a call at 410-996-4135.