Cole Roofing Honored with Secretary’s Citation

Today Cole Roofing was presented with a Secretary’s Citation to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary! We are so grateful to the Department of Commerce for honoring us with this certificate and for helping us celebrate this significant milestone.    

Bill Cole Featured on the Ground Up Podcast

What does it take to run a 100-year-old family business? To find out, The Daily Record’s Adam Bednar sat down with Cole Roofing President Bill Cole for the Ground Up Podcast. During their chat, Bill talked about the history of Cole Roofing, how technology is changing the industry, and providing second chances with meaningful career opportunities. Click here to listen to the full episode and hear Bill discuss what it’s like to run a fourth-generation family business that has been ...

Cole Roofing Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Cole Roofing Company, Inc., Maryland’s leader in safe commercial roof installations, today announced a year long celebration of the family-owned business’ 100th birthday. Founded as John H. Cole & Sons in 1919 by John H. Cole Sr. at the close of World War I, Cole Roofing has spent a century building a reputation for quality workmanship in and around the State of Maryland. Over the years, Cole Roofing has helped shape the state’s skyline. Cole Roofing has been enlisted as ...

Exceptional Safety Record

Due to Cole Roofings exceptional safety record, they have received a very low, and very rare .46 Experience Modification Factor(EMR).   In the United States insurance industry, an experience modifier or experience modification is an adjustment of an employer’s premium for worker’s compensation coverage, based on the losses the insurer has experienced from that employer.  An insurance expert congratulated Cole Roofing saying, “To have an EMR at such low levels in your industry is almost unheard of”.

Bill Cole Speaks To The Daily Record

Bill Cole speaks with Pete Pichaske of the Daily Record about the use of Technology at Cole Roofing.  According to Bill, “Technology requires you to have a little faith to be fearless – to be willing to try some new stuff.”  Check out the entire article here