Cole Roofing Receives A Very Low EMR Once Again

Safety is very important to the success of Cole Roofing. As a result of making sure our employees and customers are safely protected, Cole Roofing has received a very low Experience Modification Factor (EMR) of .54. We will continue to concentrate on being the safest we can be.

Cole Roofing in Building Baltimore Magazine

Cole Roofing Celebrates 100 A Century of family-centered commitment to excellence. By Rita Colorito  Most construction businesses start with a service they can provide. Few companies start with a mission. A century ago, John H. Cole, Sr. recognized a need in Baltimore for gutter and spout services, as well as the growing opportunity of home heating through internal duct systems. Working out of his basement on Bel Air Road in the Frankford neighborhood, he soon built a reputation for his ...

Jim Layman Featured in Professional Roofing Magazine

Jim Layman, Vice President of Contruction for Cole Roofing, was featured in the “Details” section of Professional Roofing Magazine!  What is your position within your company? I am vice president of construction for Cole Roofing Co. Inc., Baltimore. What is the most unusual roofing project of which you have been a part? We installed zinc composite metal panels on a planetarium at a local community college. The building was designed as a cylinder with a sloped roof, and multiple sight lines ...

Cole Roofing in Roofing Contractor Magazine

Still Going Strong: Cole Roofing Co. Inc. The Fourth Generation of Cole Roofing Co. Inc. Continues a Century-Long Tradition in Greater Baltimore while Staying Focused on the Future By Art Aisner  Baltimore is one of the country’s oldest and arguably most important big cities in the Mid-Atlantic, which is why after all this time, the youngest members of the Cole family are proud to say their ancestry had a pretty big hand in its modern development. Earlier this year, the Cole ...

Cole Roofing Honored with Safety Award

Cole Roofing company has been awarded with the Safety Award from Chesapeake Employers’ Insurance Company! The award was presented to Cole Roofing in honor of our outstanding commitment to workplace safety as a Chesapeake Employers’ policy holder for 23 years and for maintaining a loss ratio of 3.94% for 23 consecutive terms.