Bust Out Your Sunglasses

Reflective roofs are definitely en vogue nowadays, but do you know why? Lighter color roofs, typically white, are often called reflective roofs and offer more than just squinty eyes when walking across the roof on a sunny day. In the Mid-Atlantic, we typically see more cooling days than heating days, and a reflective roof will actually keep the roof cooler which helps the HVAC units to run more efficiently. But why is the roof cooler with a reflective roof? It all comes down to the sun and solar radiation. Lighter colors reflect the radiation, whereas darker colors absorb the radiation. During hot summer months, it is not uncommon to see a 20-degree difference between white and black roofs. Something to keep in mind is darker roofs contribute to urban heat island effects, which, simply put, means a warmer roof contributes to hotter temperatures within the city. So, next time you have a roofing project, consider a reflective roof!

Contact Cole Roofing today to assist you with designing your next roofing project, and if we install a reflective roof on your building, don’t forget the sunglasses!