Blog Post / December 16, 2016

Cole Roofing Adds Butler Building Segment Business

November 15, 2015

Cole Roofing has reached an agreement with Butler Manufacturing to become a preferred solutions provider for Reroof and Retrofit roof systems.

Butler manufacturing has been around for more than 100 years supplying quality materials, innovative procedures and roof/building system engineering. It uses a Retrofit metal over metal system which is the most cost efficient way to eliminate leaks from any old metal roofing. This system provides a continuous 360 degree seam up the panel eliminating screw penetrations throughout the field of the roof.

There are three different types of profiles you can choose from:

  • Low profile-bringing the roof approximately 1.5” above decking allowing thinner insulation to an already insulated building.
  • High profile- bringing the roof greater than 3” above the decking, allowing for thicker insulation on a building that may need more insulation.
  • Slope build-up framing system.

Butler offers reroofing options that enable you to address potentially devastating roof problems with an affordable, long-term solution.

And now, Cole Roofing, also with 100 years of roofing experience, is your preferred solutions provider

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